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Cuejoe's corner

Fellow Dog & Cat Lovers- I have to tell you about experince and to prove a point I'll tell you. I have 3 big dogs in the back yard and then there's Cuejoe he's the Chihuahua and spoiled rotten. He gets a bath 1 time a week 2 times if hes been car riding cause he will pick up a flea or 2 some places. I keep my house SUPER clean.Well, I heard you can get some K-9 advange for dogs for Fleas and I bought it and for the money I spent on it IT DOUBLED after Cuejoe started shaking his head so bad he wouldnt eat or drink, Dr, said he had a mild ear infection - WRONG- I took him home gave him a warm oatmeal bath,a tsp.of Benegryl and he ate and then I put out some water in a bowl and a light and I caught FLEAS sure but I was watching them they swam to the side and jumped out(WATCH THEM WITH A MAGINFIER)Then I put SOAPY WATER IN A DEEP BOWL AND LORD AND BEHOLD INSTANT FLEA KILLER LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE DEAD... HAPPY FLEA KILLING oh candles work good tooo.

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This remedy for Cuejoes corner makes no sense at all. Please try to re-submeitt after proofreading your suggestions.

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