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Over the past year I have been having bad axiety/panic attacks. At first I thought I was having cardiovascular problems, or mental problems, sometimes thought I was going to die. Saw doctors and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me-i was in perfect health. After doing my own research, all my symptoms matched up to having axiety/panic attacks. On the very web site I found home rememdies, because I did not want to go on perscription drugs. I started taking Niocinamide along with B6 and B12 viatims every day. I found excellent results in a matter of a few days and after about 2 or 3 weeks, I have been feeling great. I tried the cold shower thing too, doesnt work for me. I also find regular excercise works, and stay away from caffiene. I also drink socially, and I find if I have a couple too many, then next day I struggle a bit but the key is to stay occupied. stay away from hard spirits, I find they do a job on you if you do drink, stick with a couple of light beers if you are going to drink.I hope this helps, cause it has been a hard struggle for me for a while now, and was starting to effect my life, I know feel I'm my old self again. They say B viatims play an important role, so give it a try along with Niacinamide. I wish you luck.

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I feel like you are telling my story! It is EXACTLY everything you said, and the reason that I am on here looking for info, is that over the last couple months they have been getting worse! The hard-spirit thing makes perfect sense, with all the holiday parties, I have probably drank more in the last few weeks than I have all year! I am going to try the vitamins and see if that helps, too. Thank you for posting this. My anxiety is better already just knowing I am not crazy and that others share this problem. Thank you! If you have any additional info, please email me at
Thanks again!!!

24 yr old

That is how I feel! I just got over a stomach virus which sent me into a depression/anxiety state..constantly..unless I think it scares me..but I also dont have a job right now n dont take my vitamins anymore..maybe I should start taking them again! thanks...


thats very true i get the same thing if i drink hard alchol and im hung over the next day i feel horrible like the world is colapsing in on me... also if something just stress's me out the same feeling... i exersize alot and that helps but only while im doing it... i will try the vitamins... i was on efexor but stopped cause if i missed one pill i would get the spins so i weened my self off if... i hope the vitaims work thank you

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