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I have had high blood pressure for over 10 years and now have it under control. I found the following recipies/regimen work so that it is finally under control. The regimen is:

(1) Exercise with perspiration - Jog 1-2 miles at least 5 days a week so that you do prespire. It sould take about 30-40 minutes. Then do light weight(2.5Kg), till you feel the muscles are relaxed.

(2) Nutritional food - No pizza or juice or restaurant food. Mostly homemade food which may contain light oily food.

(3) Less food, especially for dinner - Literally my bench mark is: I am always slightly hungry. One should have a balance. If one is too hungry, your work will be impacted and you will tend to get frustrated and have a big meal later.

(4) Fasting - I fast two times a week. In the fast one can eat only fruit and tea (that contains milk), but have normal dinner. I usually also jog during fasting day. Fasting also help in controlling craving for the food for the rest of the week.

(5) Proper sleep - At least six hours of continuous sleep. However, even when the sleep is less, it should be OK.

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