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F From JacksonvilleFl

White Vinegar!! It is about 3 am and I could not sleep due to inner ear itching and pain from my ear infection. I noticed that when I get a sore throat, it is always followed by an ear infection. I used my usual, cotton swab soaked in alcohol and that provides temporary relief but today the pain and itching returned. I read this site and found to use a mixture 50/50 of alcohol and white vinegar. I am not one to 'mix' things so I got up the nerve to try the vinegar alone since I used alcohol earlier to no avail. My right ear is not as bad as the left one, so I tried that one first. I placed 3 drops of white vinegar... undiluted in my ear and left it there for 3 minutes. While it was in there, I noticed that when I swallowed the fluid moved down further in my ear canal so I continued to make swallowing motions. I let that drain out and tried the left ear. This ear hurt and itch really bad, but I put 3 drops of fluid in it and it did not burn... I could feel it moving down in the canal as I continued the swallowing motions. I let that drain out and 'immediately' felt better. I notice that the pain... itching sensation is gone. Since that worked for my ears, I got up the nerve to gargle with white vineger... undiluted! Once you get past the taste, it worked! I had to swallow about a teaspoon so that It could get all the way down my throat. I feel much better and is headed for bed. This definitely worked for me!

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thx so much! just tried this and the ache has totally calmed down! i didnt dilute it though!


THE PAIN LEFT/ I just got a ear infection this morning when i woke up. I made a apt. and the doctor gave me a antibiotic to clear it up. My ear was still pounding though almost putting me in tears. After reading some of these comments i tried a quarter of a lid full of white vinegar. I left it in for about three minutes then drained it out. It took about ten minutes to work for me but it soooo made me a believer in these kind of home remedies. My ear is still hazy but no pain and thats all i needed to get up and move about.

Lauren from Charleston

ok, I just tried this and it felt like someone stabbed me in the ear with an ice pick! the instant pain was more excrutiating that the pain I was already in! This CAN NOT be safe!


I've used this remedy for a couple years now and it works great. I ride jet skis and get alot of ear infections due to lake water being forced into my ears under pressure. It does not hurt at all (although feels weird putting liquid in your ear). A mixture of half vin. half alc. works for a pre-cure. The alcohol helps dry out the ear and vinegar kills bacteria.


its seems to help, pop your ears after you do it. The main drawback is that my ears smell like pickles now but it beats the pain!


Thanks so much, this worked so good for me. I am a nurse but I much prefer natural stuff to put inside my body. Thanks a million.


maybe im not doing it right because its not working i was so happy when i found the vinager thinking i was going to get better but here i am at 1am still in pain and so sad it didnt work for me =(


Holy shit - this remedy saved me from a worthless trip to the ER. It's Christmas Eve and the last thing I wanted to do was spend it at the hospital. It worked within seconds!!


My 8 year old woke me early one morning pulling at his ear and saying it hurt. He's had alot of drainage this week so I figured he was getting an infection. I put white vinegar in his ear and he received immediate relief and was back asleep within 10 minutes. Definitely worth a try!


I have been getting ear infections for my entire life! I still get about 2-3 year. I have been on every antibiotic around and I am tired of using them! I just tried this and IT WORKED!! Thank you!

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