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F From JacksonvilleFl

White Vinegar!! It is about 3 am and I could not sleep due to inner ear itching and pain from my ear infection. I noticed that when I get a sore throat, it is always followed by an ear infection. I used my usual, cotton swab soaked in alcohol and that provides temporary relief but today the pain and itching returned. I read this site and found to use a mixture 50/50 of alcohol and white vinegar. I am not one to 'mix' things so I got up the nerve to try the vinegar alone since I used alcohol earlier to no avail. My right ear is not as bad as the left one, so I tried that one first. I placed 3 drops of white vinegar... undiluted in my ear and left it there for 3 minutes. While it was in there, I noticed that when I swallowed the fluid moved down further in my ear canal so I continued to make swallowing motions. I let that drain out and tried the left ear. This ear hurt and itch really bad, but I put 3 drops of fluid in it and it did not burn... I could feel it moving down in the canal as I continued the swallowing motions. I let that drain out and 'immediately' felt better. I notice that the pain... itching sensation is gone. Since that worked for my ears, I got up the nerve to gargle with white vineger... undiluted! Once you get past the taste, it worked! I had to swallow about a teaspoon so that It could get all the way down my throat. I feel much better and is headed for bed. This definitely worked for me!

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I just tried this and it totally worked. I would much rather use something natural than give my 3 year old 10 days of antibiotics. Thanks for the help.


it did not work, it just maid things worse. it did burn but it did not stop pain or itch. I does not go in your ear canal good enough to help. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! good luck on yours.


Okay, so for the past few days I've been trying hydrogen peroxide in my ears with no improvement. I just read about this ten minutes ago and decided to try it out.
I didn't have any white vinegar, so I used apple cider vinegar. I poured a quarter of a cap full in each ear, swallowed a few times, and did some yawning motions. Almost INSTANTLY the pain was gone! It's actually starting to slowly come back in one ear, so I might do this a few more times every 20 minutes or so.
Now I just have a bad sore throat...which I'd much rather have than feeling like i want to stab my ears out...


My three and a half year old started complaining her ear hurt really bad and was crying almost hysterically after about an hour of this i looked online and came across this posting....i was very skeptical but i was willing to try anything it really did work she stopped crying and said her ear didn't hurt anymore....

Amy (mom of three)

My,eleven year old son and I have been up all night with him in pain.We called the doctor but at this time of night there is nothing that he can due but tell use to go the hospital.Instead I looked for home remedies to see if there was any thing that would give him any pain relief.After trying this remedy he is still in some discomfort,but is not in as much pain as he was when we started this night and the jurney of looking for the right remedy for his pain so for that I thank you.

Michelle, Rhode Island

Well, all I have to say is, this HAS to work. My 2 yr old woke up at 430 crying hysterically and tugging at her ears, I found this remedy online, mixed the 50/50 of water vinegar solution, and believe or not, she is talking again, and not screaming in pain. So, even if you are skeptical, try this. I have also been told that olive oil does the trick. Anyway, try this, and repeat as necessary for pain. Once they get over the initial nasty taste, they will be relieved you gave it to them.


I just tried this on my 18 mth old....I was so desperate...OMG! It works. his ear infection was hurting so bad he didn't eat all day and he wouldn't drink. Now he has drank more all day and is off my lap messing my house up! Does this just relieve the pain and not cure in the infection? IDK....

G in Memphis

Came across this remedy because my 3 year old has been crying for an hour with a terrible earache! Tylenol didn't work--tried this with a warm rice bag on her ear, and she also fell asleep within 2 or 3 minutes! Thank you! Hopefully it will last the night!


OMG.... it works
my ear hurt so bad white vingar works


My husband has got a terrible ear ache since 3 days and he refuses to go to the doctor to get cure. He is actually using a med called Tropex but the pain is still the same, on the contrary its getting worse. After having read all the comments am quite interested to use this remedy,
Can someone guarantee me if this really work?

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