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F From JacksonvilleFl

White Vinegar!! It is about 3 am and I could not sleep due to inner ear itching and pain from my ear infection. I noticed that when I get a sore throat, it is always followed by an ear infection. I used my usual, cotton swab soaked in alcohol and that provides temporary relief but today the pain and itching returned. I read this site and found to use a mixture 50/50 of alcohol and white vinegar. I am not one to 'mix' things so I got up the nerve to try the vinegar alone since I used alcohol earlier to no avail. My right ear is not as bad as the left one, so I tried that one first. I placed 3 drops of white vinegar... undiluted in my ear and left it there for 3 minutes. While it was in there, I noticed that when I swallowed the fluid moved down further in my ear canal so I continued to make swallowing motions. I let that drain out and tried the left ear. This ear hurt and itch really bad, but I put 3 drops of fluid in it and it did not burn... I could feel it moving down in the canal as I continued the swallowing motions. I let that drain out and 'immediately' felt better. I notice that the pain... itching sensation is gone. Since that worked for my ears, I got up the nerve to gargle with white vineger... undiluted! Once you get past the taste, it worked! I had to swallow about a teaspoon so that It could get all the way down my throat. I feel much better and is headed for bed. This definitely worked for me!

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I tried this right after reading it on my 8 year old son. He was in a lot of pain. After a few minutes he perked right up and said that his ear 'felt like nothing happened.' --- Meaning like there was never any pain to begin with. He is very happy and relieved.



I tried this on my two year old who had been screaming for over an hour solid with an obvious ear ache. Within 10 seconds of dripping a couple of drops of white vinegar in his ear, he stopped screaming and fell fast asleep. Thank you!


It is 4am and I was desperate for pain relief. I put drops of white vinegar in my ear let it sit for about 2-3 minutes. I repeated this twice. I did get some immediate relief. It really works. Thank you so must for posting this.


I did this and felt instant relief. I was in so much pain the whole side of my face hurt. This relieved that right away about 2:30 am but I woke up at 5:00 am in pain all over again:( And right now at 7 am I am still trying to figure out a remedy that will work for me.


Ok i tried this as soon as i read it and the minutes i put it in i heard a poping noise like my ear poped and i waited the 3 minutes and then i let it drain .. it feels great.. now lets see if it last.

Mindy from Michigan

I just tried this and I must say my ear is feeling better. It burned a little when I put it in. I can tell that I will have to put more drops in later but right now I am actually able to get out of bed and function. Thank You. I wish I would have done it sooner.


It seriously worked...but with side effects.My hearing was foggy, and when I moved around a lot, the pain bit back into my ear.But overall, I reccomend it. Thanks for posting!


nice remedy did not try it but went to the doctor and give me some ear solution and a couple of pills for the pain and itch


This is only my second ear infection but my ear has practically swelled shut. I tried peroxide and alcohal per my doctor and that didn't do anything. I took some antibiotics earlier, and anti inflammatory and a painkiller. I tried your vinegar solution tonight but it did not work for me. I am now in even more exruciating pain but I too have no insurance and cannot afford an ER visit. I've tried ice and I've tried heat and nothing is working!


I used this when i got a earache after not having one for years it really helped i felt the pain go away and my ear stopped bugging me after that.Thank you for posting this

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