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This may sound a little cazy but it has worked for me. My wisdom tooth is infected and I have been to the dentist. He perscribed anitibiotic and narcotic pain reliever which has not worked on my pain. My best friend told me about the listerine pocket pack strips. She told me to lay a strip on the infected tooth and instantly the pain was gone. You have to repeat this process about every 45mins or so but it worked for me.

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wow it does really work THANKYOU


Thank you for this idea. I am at work and my jaw teeth are killing me. I'm sitting here reading all these ideas and thinking...there is none of these I can do now, then I read yours. I got one out of my purse and put it on my bottom teeth and just bit down on it to hold it in place. My toothache went away. Thank you so much.

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