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Many of you may have read that local honey can cure your allergies. I can confirm this worked for me. And I mean REALLY worked.

I had horrible allergies throughout my entire life. I couldn't lay on a lawn or even drive with the windows rolled down in the spring time. And I really dreaded spring time, because it meant misery.

Anyways, I started using honey in my mid 30's as part of a weight training program. I was using it for a quick carb boost for 2 years daily. I didn't even use the local honey...I just bought honey.

After about 2 years of this, my allergies went away almost completely. Spring is quite enjoyable now, and I'm still allergy free 4 years later. And yes....I still eat that honey.

It's not an instant cure, but I highly recommend it to anyone with the willpower to wait a few years for results.

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Hi, I was wondering how much honey would you need to consume in a day and for how many times a week/month?


If you're wondering the best way to consume honey for allergy relief... Take about a teaspoon full in warm water, first thing in the morning. (Sometimes I take it straight as well) I leave the honey out on a counter so as to not forget to take it every single morning. I would start before the spring comes and get the most local honey you can find. I was told that the wild flower kind of honey may work better than the orange blossom. (I live in Florida)

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