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I read all of the advice ffrom this site to get rid of my head lice that my daughter brought home. I decided to try the listerine and I must say, try nothing else, ever. The listerine worked in less than 2 hours, I rinsed it out then I combed out my hair with a metal nit comb in the shower with tons of conditioner on my hair. I washed all clothes and bedding in hot bleach water, even colors, just use a little bleach. I did replace my bed, but I was going to do that anyway, but I sprayed other mattresses in my home with alcohol and vinegar. I have a 2 year old son who did het the lice, so for him I just spent about an hour picking the lice and nits out of his hair by hand. I did not find any eggs. It has been over a month and we have not had ANY signs of an outbreak. I have just been very persistent with cleaning bedding and bedrooms on a regular basis. I also use Denorex Shampoo as a preventative for future outbreaks. LISTERINE WORKS!!! And I should also mention that it actually soothes the head after scratching it so bad, just make sure to keep it out of the eyes. I hope this can help someone easily remove lice from their lives. It worked for me.

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Thank you! Listerine absolutely works. I had lice for 4 months and spent literally HUNDREDS of dollars on a lot of things in total desperation (everything from lice combs to pharmacy compounds). After doing a lot of research on the internet I discovered that the so-called 'lice killing' industry brings in millions of dollars every year. Not only did it cost me a lot of money, aggravation and time but, most importantly, lots of HAIR.

haley [:

I have had lice for forever it seems;; i tried the cetaphil;; prescribed;; && rid. Its embarrassin to have to go out && get this crap but lice is gone. no more itchy;; burning to my scalp;; and no looking stupid wlkin around highschool digging in my head. i have literally tho tried everythingg. listerine smeels okay;; but it burnt my eyes but hey it works. NO LIEE

Mother of 6 girls

Let me tell you I have read for hours and hours on the web trying to find a solution to head lice because of course the RID from the store did not work and got really expensive to keep getting to treat the 6 girls I have in my house hold. Hands down LISTERINE WORKS!!!! It kills all live bugs. I have also added a couple more steps. But all this will only work if you are persistent with the up keep of the beds and furniture the infested sit on. I also use the Denorex as a preventative measure. What works for me is
1.Soak head with Listerine for 2 hours using a shower cap to keep from dripping everywhere.
2. Soak hair with viniger for to hours to dissolve the glue from the eggs and nits.
3. Shower washing hair with Denorex.
4. Then the tedious task of egg & nit removal with nit comb.
5. Change cloths!!!! VERY IMPORTANT. After every egg & nit removal. Put clothes directly in the wash on HOT!
6. Repeat all steps every day except for step 2. For a week and you will be lice free!!!! Just remember To wash all bedding and put pillows in the dryer for no less then 20 minutes.
After first week check hair every 2 to 3 day for the next 2 to 3 weeks.
Follow this and you will be lice free soon!!! Hang in there...


WOW! That is really interesting and thanks for the tip. What does the conditioner do?


I tried the Listerine on my chold's head and it did absolutely nothing!!! I used it for two days in a row and left it on for two to two and a half hours, and still found all live bugs in her hair!! And she doesn't even have a major case of it, there are no adult bugs in her hair just eggs and nymphs (baby lice) and it didn't even kill the babies!! I would not recommend this treatment to anyone because it does not work.


Listerine DOES NOT WORK. I tried this over and over with the vinegar. I've also used mayo, vaseline, olive oil and baby oil didn't work either. It's my tough luck to have to do this completely on my own.

Desperate Mom

My 18-year old son came home from college with a severe case of head lice infestation in his long thick fine hair that falls halfway down his back. My family had never had head lice before and it never even crossed our minds that was the cause of his head itching until the college nurse checked his head, so it was a pretty severe case before it was diagnosed. At first we tried the Nix & lice combing, which didn't even touch them! Then we searched the internet and found the Listerine/vinegar treatment and were so desperate we tried it. It worked great! First, he washed his hair with regular shampoo without conditioner. Then we soaked his hair and scalp with original (medicine-type)Listerine, covered his Listerine soaked hair with a shower cap for 2 hours, rinsed his hair, then immediately soaked his hair in white vinegar for another 2 hours with a different shower cap on. He then washed his hair with regular shampoo again. We had to spend several hours each day over the next 3 days picking the nits off his hair shafts (mostly by hand with fingernails because his hair was so fine that the lice combs couldn't take the nits off). However, there were no live bugs after the first treatment. We did repeat a second treatment 3 days later just to make sure the bugs were all dead, but we never saw any bugs after the first treatment - and believe me I looked!!! He shampooed with Denorex every day for 2 months after. The Listerine was also great to heal his scalp as it was covered in oozing, infected sores from the bites and scratching. The sores healed quickly and completely within the next 24 hours after the first treatment. None of the store treatments worked and he was loaded with bugs and nits from his scalp to the ends of his hair. In addition, I vacuumed the pillows, mattress, furniture, and carpeting daily for 2 weeks and washed & dried his bedding every day for 2 weeks in a dryer on high heat. I also washed his coats, clothing, backpack, combs, etc. I only have cold water wash and that seemed to work. I washed his stuff separately from the rest of the family's laundry. I just made sure everything that could be put in the dryer was put in on high heat for at least 45 minutes and felt completely dry and hot when the items came out of the dryer. None of the rest of the family was infested at any time so this treatment worked for us. I would definitely recommend it!!!

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