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Use fresh aloe vera (if possible) 'fillet' the gel from the skin, put the gel in a blender add distilled water. Keep in a small bottle and take a mouthful regularly, swish it round your mouth, holding and swishing for a few minutes then just swallow it, if you also have a sore throat gargle before swallowing. Aloe can also be used on other ulcers.

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I havent tried this, but theoretically, you could just apply it straight.... Id be inclined to cut a nice sliver of the inside of the aloe, and wedge it in there between the gum and cheek (where I get ulcers).... lie down and relax for 10 min.Just a thought


Yep. I just pick a bit of my aloe plant, slice down the middle, squish it a bit and stick it straight on the ulcer.


Swallowing straight aloe is not recommended causes severe illness. But is used for many remedies

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