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After reading the Linden Method and Trying every desperate medication attempt at a cure out there, I've found that the way you look at your attacks really does affect them. If you stop thinking of them as attacks and start thinking of them as symptoms of a badly trained body, its a little easier to cope. Face it, you've trained your body this way - both in how you react to the anxiety and how you subconciously think about it. It's a cruel reality, but once you realize it, its like a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

As for anxiety attacks that hit spontaneously (what I suffered from the most for 10 years) once you get your waking mind and your waking panic attacks under a sort of leash, these will slowly start to subside.

If you really care for your health and body, please dont ever ever ever take prescribed meds unless you're determined. Withdrawal is inevitable at some point with all of them, and it is NOT pretty.

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I think the Linden method is ridiculous..alot of people have anxiety and panic attacks just because they cany pay the bills or are poor...then they see help on the horizon only to find out it cost like 200 dollars...thats just not right


I am on Lexapro and have been for 10 years now, I rarely have any epasodes now but I deffanitly feel the negative effects of withdrawl from my meds even if I go 1hour longer a day without taking them in a 24 hour period. It sucks, so now I have a second dependancy that cost me $200.00 a month and offers relife but bad side effects and a hit to the pocket book. Yes I agree, stay off the pills if you can, its not woth it. Any additional ideas or help-thoughts can be relayed top me at


I found the Linden Method to work wonders for me after months of suffering. I bought the packette 4 months ago and within 10 I was off my medications and not letting the anxiety rule my life.

Linden Method is very basic and so simple, but IT WORKS!


Hmmm...My doctor put me on Celexa and with the exception of a few 'almost attacks' I have been anxiety free since day one of my treatment. I have been worried about withdrawl should I decide to stop taking it. Do you have any references to anything proven on withdrawl symptoms from Celexa?


I have been on Lexapro, Zoloft and Paxil thanks to agoraphobia. If you can avoid getting on meds...please do so. The withdrawl sypmtoms really are terrible. The best I can describe it is kind of like vertigo and then I always experience depression when I stop taking it and I have never had a depression problem. As far as the xanax, valium and klonopin family- you're body gets so hooked on them even when you do not abuse them and the result/withdraw is more anxiety than you would already experience. I wish I had never gotten on these meds but I have been for 8 years and now I am screwed.


But ive tried pysching myself out in every way, im good at it and i persuade everyone i know to seek that path, but with my anxiety its not working ill be having a good time and suddenly i cant breathe and i ask myself hmm why cant i breathe and it just doesnt go away. i try and ignore it and it doesnt work. i also try relaxing, takin nice hot showers and baths and rubbing lotion and baby powder, it works sometimes but its not now!


I have been having anxiety/panic attacks for about 3 months. I was eventually put on Paxil and Xanax ( for panic episodes). I was on it for two weeks and begun feeling better. I came off off the Paxil for 3 days and begun to have terrible headaches and a shock-like feeling throughout my body. I decided to slowly come off the medicine because the withdrawal was better than the side effects. I couldn't sleep, I had strange thoughts, I was extremely restless, my mood swings were soo severe I would laugh and cry on the same sentence. When you are given meds. For your anxiety, please weigh all ur options. Try looking into herbal and natural remedies before taking some of these medications. Remember doctors are out to make money and if you are suffering from a severe condition, remember doctor are out to cover themselves for malpractice purposes!!

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