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Ginger! I have chronic nausea and nothing beats it like ginger. When I'm acidic, I take ginger pills instead of drinking ginger tea with honey. Good ginger snaps and gingerale are also great. However, BE CERTAIN there is actually ginger in the ingredients! Many are just molasses derived. Many gingerales dont really have ginger in them.

It doesn't take much ginger to cure nausea, motion sickness and prevent vomiting.

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i couldnt have said it better!
ginger is the best natural remedy.
and everyone thinks that because it is in the name, ginger ale has actual ginger in it...
i get the stuff from then natural food section labeled 'extra ginger' and drink it at room temp.
and there is this great company called where you can get all sorts of natural ginger candies.


the site is
no 'the'
and you can order from it. (i have a local store that sells alot of their product)

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