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Hey.(i have a stomach ache now... at 1.11 am!!!)
If you are having problems with stomach aches, here are a few remedies to try out.
1. a good way to cure or prevent stomach aches, is to pour a glass of coke and then simply add sugar. It works lushly.
2. ginger stuff is good.
3. tea with honey
4.drink constant sips of either luke warm water, or if you prefer freezing cold water(this may cause stomach aches in some cases.). Dont drink fast though.
5.i know it sounds stupid or silly but lets face it, farting helps.
6.something warm under ure belly works a treat.
7.ginger ale.
8. simply lie down on your stomach, relax(try to) and forget about it, in more acute casess this deosnt really apply. television(works sometimes) takes your mind off things.
10.Go and try to rid your stomach of ummm faeces.

If none of these work i would suggest consulting a doctor.
Hope u guys feel better.

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Thank you for the help!^.^ Your idea about lieing down on your stomach and relax worked! Thank you so much!!!!!!!


Coke with sugar, hey? That's about the most rediculous thing ever. Why not add some battery acid while you're at it.


I definitely say this helped me alot when i was in such pain right befo dinner, i tried these steps and felt fine in half an hour :)

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