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Clove oil does indeed work i have it in my dry socket as we speak. The cloved soaked gauze in the hole puts a little bit of a gross taste on your food you eat but at least you can eat. I could not even eat for 5 days the food used to set off the pain. But thank god this worked. I was taking demerol or torodol or advil for the pain but it only lasted for maybe 2 hours of relief and left me with a bad stomache but the clove oil thus far has kept me pain free for 2 days so hopefully it keeps working

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Ericka J

Clove Oil really works this morning I was desperate for relief and I didn't know what to do I was up since 1:25 this morning and I was in need of some relief so I looked up google and I was hoping to find something for dry socket relief and Lord behold I found all these comments so I immediately called my aunt to go to Walmart to get me some since I was unable to drive because I had taken Tylenol PM and believe me I stayed awake with that pain. As we speak the pain is going away. Please read the instructions before using this stuff because it will burn your mouth if you do it too fast the way I did. The pain I believe is gone because I don't feel anything now. I thank you people for leaving those comments because I really did not want to go back to the dentist because he charges too much and I am really broke.

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