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after trying many natural remedies for jock itch i started giving up hope that my groin area would ever look normal again...but then i decided to try coconut oil which i use to moisturize my face...just rub it on the affected area twice a day and i will guarantee results within days... it really is a miracle cure...i use the 'nui'certified organic virgin coconut oil... please give it a go!!!!!

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i cant bear the pain.. im suffering frm it since from 5 months or more.., now the effected area is of my palm size.. i trie d even cocunt oil.. used lichensa,itch guard, moisturiser, hydrogen peroxide etc.., no use.. no use.. its itching itching and itching.. i have sleep less nights.. help me plzzzzzz


I have it for almost 8 yrs. tried many crems but only gone when i used Heinz apple cider vinegar. Just soak it for few hours then let it dry & penetrate to my skin. On the same day i feel the relief. Continue it for a week and change all ur old underwares- replace when 100 cotton material like Hanes brand. Never use ur old underwears. I want to help as many peple as i want. It is like magic! Thanks get well soon!!!

Aray Kupu Ang Kati

This is for Christian when you say :Just soak it for few hours then let it dry & penetrate to my skin: How do u mean by that? What are you soaking for few hours?


I have a very severe case and so far apple cidar vinegar is the only thing that seems to work at all for me, the stronger the better, but also the stronger the more painful if the infection is severe. Adding a few cups to a shallow tub for a 20 min soak is the easiest and most tolerable, but not as effective (or as painful) as a straight vinegar soak. I may try Dettol if I can find it locally and see if it works any better. But even the dilluted tub was alot more effective (and cheaper) than seeing a doctor and using the prescription strength shampoo.


I have it bad to a point where it spread all over, I carried it to my head, ears, elbows and legs...I need something. I've tried all creams, and just recently applied some vasceline
...Please help


one thing I have found to help me deal with it when it itches is using an ice pack. apply it to the affected area. just don't leave it on for too long or youll give yourself an ice burn.

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