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William Lagadyn

When a person has an abcessed tooth they cannot be given novocaine to numb the pain because the novocaine will be ineffective.
However there is a natural solution for destroying the bacteria that is infecting the tooth.
Using a Q-tip apply some Oil of Oregano around the gum of the infected tooth 2 or 3 times a day until the swelling has gone down and the bacteria has been destroyed

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to be honest u r incorrect i had an abscess and went to the dentist the novocaine did work and i did not feel a thing till hours later


Novocain works on an infected tooth but it takes more and doesn't work as well when there is infection. If there is a lot of swelling it may not work at all.


I used oregano oil for a bad tooth ache when clove oil stopped working and the oregano oil burned my gums so bad I had huge blisters. My dentist told me to NEVER use oregano oil unless you really dilute it. Do some research to find out dilution ratios before using in your mouth! I wish I would have.


I'va had a oil of oregano soaked gauze in my mouth for 15 hours. Last night the throbbing and pain was nearly unbearable. I managed to sleep, and woke up to relief. The big pressured pus ball above my tooth is much smaller and softer, and that morning gauze caught some blood and yukkies. So, I kept changing the gauze (about 6 drops of Oil of O) and still feel alright. No burning...I guess each bottle you buy is a different concentration...test it out for yourself.

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