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Christie in Bama

I had a ton of fillings as a child and teenager and now that I'm older they have started falling out and causing severe toothaches. Over the last couple years I have been one of those desperate souls up at 3 a.m. trying everything in my kitchen and banging my head on the wall (which doesn't help at all in case you were wondering).

I have discovered that all toothaches are different. What worked for one won't work for another. I'll share some of the things that I found to work with you all. I hope that I can help someone get some sleep!

Clove Oil-- So many swear by it. Works great if you can get it deep enough into the cavity.

Halls cough drops-- The really strong mediciny kind, not the ones that taste like candy! Put about 3 in your mouth at once and let them begin to melt. Wait as long as you can before swallowing and swish it over the tooth.

Peppermint extract, vanilla extract, almond extract -- works because of the alcohol content but a stronger alcohol such as Wild Turkey works better. Take a shot and hold it on the tooth. Relief is almost instantaneous. Only lasts about 10-20 minutes and will burn and blister the gums. Careful with this one.

Sore throat spray-- put some on a cotton swab or gauze and bite down on it.

Mix of Ibuprophen and Tylenol-- take about 4 Ibuprophen and 2 tylenol all at once. This is safe, a dentist recommended it to me. Works in some cases.

Some toothaches are sensitive to cold, others to heat.

I've slept with my windows open in the winter, under an electric blanket to breath in cold air. I've taken walks out in cold air. Held cold milk in my mouth over the tooth...or cold water, but milk seems to work better. Ice works in some cases---hold it in the opposite side of your mouth away from the hurting tooth...but it keeps your mouth cold. You may not want to try these if you have a toothache that doesn't like cold.

I didn't have any results with the ice massage to my hand, although it seems some other people have. Massage the webbed area between the thumb and forefinger of the hand on the opposite side as the tooth.

Crackers!!-- This has worked for me so many times!! Just chew up a cracker and make a paste in your mouth and smoosh it over the tooth. This blocks out air.

I hope some of these work for someone. I know what pain a toothache can be. I have tried EVERYTHING by now. Good luck!

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Jason B.

Bullcrap... the best and only instant and will last as long as you keep applying it is SUPERGLUE GEL. Apply it to the cavity. Make sure it is totally covered. IT IS THE BEST CURE WITHOUT A DENTIST. Some will say its toxic, dont worry about it. I have used it forever. Dont swallow it though. Just make sure your tooth is dry before applying it. Super glue today is much safer then even 5 years ago. IF it is still hurting after you apply it then you do not have it covered all the way. THIS IS THE BEST WAY BY FAR!! This will work. Youll see. and your welcome.


Ambesol applied witha Q tip I would use along with whatever pain pills you can get ahold of. The tylenol motrin mix could be the trick


Today I took ice cold water. and held it in my mouth over my tooth untile it turned warm. It stunned the pain for sure. Use one bottled water and repeat untile its gone. You will feel better.


Why would any website post a comment as ridiculous as putting super glue any place on your body especially your mouth! How will a dentist ever be able to remove that?


Grinding up an asprin and mixing it with water so it turns into a paste works well. ALso ground cloves mixed with water into a paste will numb it.


ive never really tried none of those but warm salt water and a pack of menthol cigarettes work for me.


Super glue seems like a good way to block air exposure to the nerve, and of course a dentist can easily remove it with the normal dental diamond burrs.


ive tried the jack daniels over the tooth and it works excellent if only it would last longer


Any suggestions after you take 2 1/2 loratab, 1 xanax, 1/2 pint of jager and 2 ibuprofen and two penicillan? Please Please help, my boss will not let me take off work and I am desperate to find a pain remedy!


I too had fillings, not as a child, but when I was pregnant, I never had a cavity until I got pregnant. They are starting to come out now, I found that if I chew 3 or 4 children's asprin and hold them around the tooth that's hurting, the throbbing is gone within 5 minutes. I heard too that if you take a regular asprin and chew it up and hold it around the tooth, or on top of the tooth, it will stop it also. Children's asprin taste much better than regular asprin, so I used them instead.

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