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I use Grapefruit Seed Extract. It is one of the most potent antibiotics of all times.. They use it in hospitals.. I still have not removed one bad tooth and I've had it for 4 years. Petrified of dentists.. dont have the money and doctors in dentistry want all money up front.. So, I found out that they use this Grapefruit seed extract long ago to sterilize hosptial equipement and I read about the long standing things it does.. I take 10 drops in 1/2 cup water. Its very very strong.. I take a sip and let it lay on the tooth for many seconds and spit out and repeat.. If you do this until the 1/2 cup is gone, your tooth ache will leave completely and stay that way until you either get another infection, OR you disturb your tooth so much so that you inflame it.. It KILLS Infections of the tooth which infection is usually the source of most of tooth pain... IT WORKS for me 100% of the time.. I know I have most of my tooth missing, the rest of my teeth are great. Its just when this tooth cavity occured I did not have money and the dentists here are like not humane and seeing they are not accoutable and can turn away patients due to them not having money, they in my mind are some of the most cruelest docs out there.. Anyway, Grapefruit Seed Extract is very bitter.. Yes its got a horrible taste.. When you are using it, it will at first hurt like heck for about 20 to 30 minutes, soon after the pain will simply leave.. I have had this work for months and now years.. However, if you so lucky to find a doc to treat you I recommend that if possible to eradicate the entire problem.. The thing to not let happen is do not let infection to set in. Grapefruit Seed Extract kept the pain away and also keeps it free from infection.. Instead of numbing the pain, it kills the source of the pain..

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I haven't tried this remedy yet, but will. I know the power of this substance. I use it for many things, but never thought to use it this way.

Thanks for the help :-)


Thank you for the information. I'm out of work and have been turned away from any help. Without having money in advance I've just had to suffer for a month now. I'm so tired of my tooth and the drainage. I will go get some Grape Seed Extract.

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