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Remedy for dry cough
Whenever somebody is coughing non stop.Mix 1 T.S of honey and 1/2 T.S of cinnamon powder in half a glass of tolerable hot water and make the patient drink.This will give a quick relief from coughing.Believe me it works I tried it with my daughter and my husband.

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I'd rather have the cough than drink this stuff! It was disgusting; I couldn't even finish half a glass! I took two sips with my nose pinched, almost vomited, and told myself this isn't worth it.


i just tried this and, OH BOY! instant (but temporary) relief. Thank you.


I CANNOT believe this. I was coughing every 5 seconds (NOT an exaggeration)Tried this and have coughed maybe 5 times in an hour. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU.


I used milk unstead of water. It actually tasted pretty good & provided much needed relief


I'm at a friend's, and I forgot my medicine. This helped. Now maybe I can get some sleep!

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