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If you are having problems with blackheads dont worry there is the easest remedy ever to get rid of them just take an old toothbrush get it wet and scrub away.

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Molly May

I scrubbed for at least an hour to no avenge. The damn things just dont want to go away. It didnt work, but I wouldnt stop others from trying, you never know. It wasnt harmful or anything. What dosnt kill us.....


i know it didnt work with me either i scrubbed for like an hour too


Scrubbing might prevent new blackheads (by exfoliating dead skin which might clog pores) but it will not treat the current ones. Scrubbing for 1 hour is way too long, a MINUTE or even less is all you need to dislodge dead skin!

Emily S

I Completely agree with Sidra. I only scrubbed for, like, 15 minutes, and not one of my blackheads went away, BUT it DOES exfoliate your skin, and will most likely prevent new blackheads from arriving.


I did that once and you would not believe how much that screwed up my skin. I put on make up the next morning and went to school and when i got home and looked in the mirror..Oh my gosh, my skin looked all peeled and there was redness everywhere . i would defenitly not recommend this .


I actually see how this would work, but FIRST, you need to put a hot washcloth over the area until your pores open (or take a hot shower or facial steam) and you can see the ends of the blackheads. Then, put a little bit of water and maybe some of your face wash on the toothbrush and gently scrub for a minute or two. Do this again the next few days until the blackheads are completely gone.


It's Good But cause small holes over nose what to do???

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