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Laura Barb

Get some REGULAR mouthwash,(Dollar store brand has the same exact ingredients as Listerine)100% Thyme oil, & 100% cinnamon oil (at your local health store). Fill spray bottle or misting bottle 1/2 way with mouthwash, 15-20 drops of each oils. Mix well then test spot on your head. It should get VERY HOT within seconds. Be careful not to make it too hot as it may blister,but you do want it as hot as you can stand it. Then saturate hair,neck and behind ears. It KILLS LICE AND EGGS!! No head coverings necessary! Leave in or rinse when scalp cools. I leave it in cuz it makes a great styling spray. Use everyother day or so til you're sure lice are gone. I use it once a week as a precautionary. Wash sheets & pillows. Then spray them, mattress, carpet, furniture, etc., every day. Spray PETS as well. After you see for yourself what a GOD SEND this is, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, post this recipe at your Schools, Churches, HAIR DRESSERS etc., so others struggling with lice can finally get some relief as well.

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Sharon J.

the thyme/cinnamon treatment works in less than a week! THANK YOU LAURA!!! Talk about INSTANT RESULTS!!! We have tried EVERYTHING & FINALLY THIS WORKED! I have shared her recipe with my sisters as they have kids who are always dealing with lice too & they LOVE IT!!! We sprayed everything every other day and are rid of lice!


Why does this get very hot, im curious.

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