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A very simple remedy which sounds silly but it does work.
At the onset of cramp in the lower leg you can get instant relief by each of the following.
Press your forefinger into the joint between your big toe and second toe in the affected limb, the cramp will instantly go.
If you cannot reach the foot you can use the big toe of the other foot.
The second method is an old Chinese trick sounds crazy but please please try it as it works just as well as the first. At the very first sensation of cramp starting press the bone between your nostrils with the side of your forefinger. This pressure point always works for some unknown reason.
Please rate this remedy so others will know it works.

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Kenneth E. Pope

For night cramps, jump out of bed and stand on the leg; that is, put pressure on the leg. For cramps while walking and preventing the cramp to start with, well, that is why I am on the web looking...


old Chinese trick doesn't work


Had a HELLACIOUS leg cramp and still cramped...did both and the feeling it has a hold still is gone..we'll see if it comes back...


Wow! This really does work. I was just searching for a cure for a painful cramp in my shin& I stubbed upon this cure. Instantly the pain went away! I highly recommend this!!!!!


I eat a heaping teaspoon of mustard as soon as I get the cramp and 99% of the time the car,p goes away within minutes.


That was suppose to be cramp goes away.


I followed David's advice for a Calf Cramp and it works amazingly well. I've had a cramp in my calf for a month now and when I squeezed the space between my big and second toes for just a few seconds I couldn't believe the pain was reduced immediately by a good 50%. I had been using this method on and off for about 4 hours and now I have no more pain and am walking normally for the first time in over a month. I am thrilled to have stumbled onto this remedy!

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