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For a sore throat I have always Gargled Listerine as far back as i could without swallowing it..... and the next morning It would be gone

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from my experience, this only really works with the onset of a sore throat. I have found it does wonders to stop a slight irritation in its tracks, but once its full fledged, this often hurts more than it helps.


yes mouthwash can work... but you should try the one with no alcohol... cause it may worsen the irritation...


well this helps a little. it makes the pain a little less painful thx i can now sallow with little pain. you guys who are reading this should at least try this out.

p.s use non burning mouthwash (no alcohol)


I just tried it and it made my pain go away instantly. (plus refreshing breath taste) lol, I did it with the alcohol listerine and it worked fine. Even though this sounds gross, brown stuff came out of my tonsels when i spit it out, but i feel much better! Thanks for this remedy dude,


I went to bed at 12a.m and ended up staying up till three in so much pain from my soar throat, and not to mention a throbbing headache. After I couldn't take it anymore I decided to pull out my laptop and come to this site. I found out the only two things from this site that i'd be able to do was gargle listerine and also salty water. Together those two things helped my throat alot so I was thrilled. Though i still couldn't fall asleep. My parents came i at around 5a.m. and gave me some advil and a halls throat lozenge and thankfully I fell asleep not too soon after ^.^


:) I had a sore throat that was causing me to have trouble swallowing, I tried salt water and cough drops, but none worked. When I decided to visit this website, I scrolled through seven pages trying to find the perfect one. I had to find something that I could find the ingredients in my house. I finally decided to try this one, thinking it was going to fail...but surprisingly it didn't! Thank You So Much :) :)


This worked really well for getting mucus out. Every 30 seconds I had mucus coming up. This didn't help with the actual sore throat part though.

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