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For a sore throat I have always Gargled Listerine as far back as i could without swallowing it..... and the next morning It would be gone

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yeah this really didn't help me.i do not know why but it just didn't.but good luck if it help you!


wow, this really works. I actually heard this from a friend but didn't bother to try it out. BUT THIS REALLY WORKS. My sore throat and sore soft palate ARE GONE. only 24 to 36 hours , I used both LISTERINE (buring) and the other brand with no alcohol (no buring) with pre-measured quantity where you squeeze the bottle and pour. I LOVE IT. SORES ARE GONE they bother my so much during last 7 days. I can barely talk. NOW I CAN SING. YES I CAN SING, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CURE MAN. I LOVE IT. I'm now doing this on regular basis to prevent soreness in my throat and nasal cavity because I go out and sing in bars on weekends for fun with my friends. :) I RECOMMEND EVERY TO GIVE IT A TRY FOR 5 TIMES A DAY TO SEE THE RESULT. gargle for at least 2 minutes try to get it wet your throat and vocal folds by opening your mouth and saying 'aahahahahahaha' but be prepare not to swallow the liquid.


WOW!!! I can't beleive that this actually helped! It brought down the swelling of my tonsils a ton! Thank you soooooo much!


Does this burn you troat??


it works quite well it takes down the swelling and the sores


Every time I do this my sore throat is cured nearly instantly. Yes is it a little painful to do at first, and to sufficiently get rid of the sore throat you should gargle the Listerine for at least 15-20 seconds. It kills all the bacteria associated with a sore throat. However, this will not work for you if your pain is due to a virus or sinuses


i was on google searching sore throat remedies and i just did it...and my sore throat is GONE weird and i used to buy medicine that would never work...LOL great remedy!


i couldn't believe it it realy work i gurgle like 2 times but i did not give up but then i did it one more times and it burn like crazy then it work i was like lol omg but it work so i gave him a 10


AMAZING!! it works immediately. i didn't even actually gargle i just let it sink to the back of my mouth! it feels great!


Yeah, I have a geographic tongue, so word to the wise, if you have one too.. don't try this. Almost any mouth wash will affect your tongue quite a bit. :(

But good luck to others. :3

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