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It is 5.44am and I have been awake since 3am with severe toothache. The tooth does not appear to have a cavity but I had it re-filled about a year ago and had problems since. Initially it was a 'high' filling and so had to get this filled down. The pain I have this time is comparable to child birth :-( and so ive been surfing the net looking for a remedy until I can see my dentist (not the same one as b4 as i suspect I received 'quick' treatment as an NHS patient b4) Anyway I noticed that one of the sites recomended VODKA, I have a litre in the fridge and so gave this a go...I got a shot glass and filled it, I took a small sip and held this in my mouth over the tooth, instantly the pain was relieved but im having to repeate every 10mins. Hopefully after a few times this will help me get an hours sleep.

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hey u could try to drink the hole bottle that might work.


i agree, would it not just be easier to get drunk, the pain goes and your in a good mood :) x


I use clove oil if I can find it , ground tylenol works well if the tooth is broken, rum or whisky rises help but only temporary, and when nessessary i compound my pain killers, in 2 hour intervals, 1000 mg of ex strength tylenol, and 1000 mg of ibuprofen, and for some reason , don't let it touch your teeth , but on occasion when nothing else works drinking coca cola works, not pepsi, not reg cola products, only coca cola, drink casual, cold, and if its gonna work it will in about 40 to 45 min, or about a litre to a litre and 1/2, ?? might not work for you but works for me, also , try pepermint extract if you cannot find clove oil, or grind down a whole clove with a nail file or something. when it hurts try em all ,, remember its not to fix the problem , only to deal with the pain. I found rubbing the area only works with phantom pains. and vodka does not work like dark alcohols for some reason..

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