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Apple Cider Vinegar for warts! Wow! This worked so well. I had a wart on my thumb knuckle and a big one next to the thumb nail. I tried all the doctor's remedies with no luck. The one near my nail was starting to spread under the nail. I read about the ACV treatment on this site and it works!
I did what some people suggested, q-tip cotton part, soak in ACV and tape over wart with bandage. After about 20 minutes it was throbbing like crazy. Kept it on overnight, the next morning, my thumb was throbbing but the two warts were black. As I let the air get to them, they formed a scab like top. Yeah, it's gross looking, but after 7 hours they were already black. I reapplied the next day for a couple hours. Then today (three days later) the scabs came off with a little prying. There's just a 'hole' where the wart was. Covering it now with polysporin and band-aid. Hopefully they are gone for good! Thanks for the great remedy!!
1. It does throb quite a lot. It's worth it.
2. Don't get nervous about the black color, the wart has to die first.
3. Keep at it! Don't worry about the skin aroud the wart. It'll be fine. It may get all wrinkly and pruney but it'll be fine!
YEA! No Warts!

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Good advice, Thanks for the don't worry part. I was getting worries about the black parts on my finger, and now it has fallen off. I was patient because of your advice. Thanks!


I did this too and it is the ONLY thing that worked for me. I wasted a lot of money on lasers, liquid nitrogen, and expensive cream that my insurance company wouldn't cover and the warts just popped back up within a few days. I wish I had known about the cider vinegar before all that. They haven't come back since I used it.


wow thanks i have had warts for ages and really wanted them to go away!! it really seems to be working thankyou!


the pain CANNOT be described!


How can you tell if the scabs are ready to come off? I have been doing treatment for 11 days on 2 warts around my fingernails and neither one of the black scabs have come off yet.

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