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To get rid of unwanted freckles - cut a lemon in half, then rub the lemon on the unwanted freckles try to this twice a day and in a couple of day you shoud see them dissapering or fading

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Sorry but I have tried this rememdy, and it does not work for everyone.


Really? are freckles really a problem? They are your natural coloring...


There's no cure for freckles O_o

Unless you remap your pigmentation using an ultraviolet laser, which costs millions and probably hurts more then it helps.


-Stan the Man


This worked for me, it didn't remove them, just made the appearance lighter.


it doesn't cure them completely take them away it fades them a lot though and the more you do it the more it works so why don't you shut up Stan the man you obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


Not sure if the lemon works or not, but I'm gonna try it. I actually have hyperpigmentation on my face from pregnancy. It's kind of like freckles but bigger. I've been using a serum with vitamin c and it has made a difference but I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. I hope this works just as well.

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