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Here is my remedy to help you next time that you have one. First avoid acid, I think that this adds to the problem. Secondly, avoid certain foods or drinks at this time like processed food or cola drinks. My remedy is based on science that a acid and base will become neurtal when mixed together. Use milk any kind will do , yogurt plain is better and antacid pills . Spin and mix these together with ice. Put it in a bottle or cup.
The ice will numb the pain.
The milk and yogurt will give you
energy to keep going.
The pills will help in futhur neurtalizing the access acid. This method is cheap and subsitutions are available. cost less than 5 dollors

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Hmmmmm....Science is not very present here. Milk contains lactic acid and will not neutralize an over-acidic stomach. Actually milk usually makes the problem worse, especially for people with even mild lactose-intolerance (of which most adults actually are).


'pends a bit on the tummy ache I guess. I would avoid dairy. If the ache is lower cold won't reach, and sudden cold on an unsettled tummy can be bad

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