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When your milk comes in after having a baby, it can be really uncomfortable- even PAINFUL! instructions for use:
Rinse refrigerated cabbage leaves and cut a hole for the nipple. Just before use, crush the veins with a rolling pin or similar object to break open the veins. Apply the cabbage leaves directly on the breast, wearing them inside the bra. One or two leaves per breast works well. You should cover all engorged tissue. When the cabbage leaves wilt, usually within 1-2 hours, remove the cabbage leaves and reapply fresh leaves. Repeat application of cabbage leaves 4-6 times, for a total application time of 8 hours. Use the cabbage leaves only until the engorgement subsides. Prolonged use of cabbage leaves on the breast can reduce milk supply.

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Honestly just putting the raw cabbage leaves in your bra for 10 minutes and then feed your baby will do the same. I would try this before leaving it on there for an hour or two at a time because the cabbage will dry you up. Just an FYI ;)
I did this and the pain lessoned right after and everything was fine and back to normal in less then one day.

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