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I have struggeled with Eczema for 39 years and have tried all the above mentioned home remedies plus some! I have woken up with bloody sheets as a kid from the constant scratching.I have had it to the point of seeping and blistering. From Noxzema to Penaten (German zinc diaper rash cream)gold cream and all typs of Hydrocortioson steroid creams Eucerin, Aveeno, Satin hands from Mary Kay you name it. I can say without fail you can try to controll your symptoms, but there is no cure all. I believe one or the other thing will help relieve your symptoms just like I believe there are different grades severity of Eczema or dermatities. Eczema relates directly to your immun system and the fact is
a- your enviroment
b- what you eat
c- stress
has a direct affect on your outbreaks. You got to treat it all to get reliefe. I have found out chocolate and tomatoes is a problem for me and I also canot peel a orange, tangerine or potatoe without getting the immediate effect of itching. Prescription Hylira Hydrating lotion is wonderful and works for me also the emollient night cream from Mary Kay. Takes the itch away right away. Watch what sets you off on food. Acidics, Dairys, know what makes your body tick. It is different for everyone I can tell you that talking to different people with eczema over the years has taught me that. Keep a diary for food and mood for a couple of month then make adjustments that work for you. Expecially take a load of slow down. I have learn to live with Eczema and I am 95% of the time symptom free, but make no mistake there is always the chance of a flare up, for me mostly due to my chocolate indulgence brought on by a stressful day at work or home. Good luck to everyone and I hope you find reliefe.

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Hello my name is Laura. I am 14 years of age and I just resently found out that I have eczema. I have it in several places more than 5. And i wanted to secearly thank whoever took the time to make this website! It is going to help me tromendsely thank you!
And good luck to anyone else who had been burdened with eczema!


How nice to hear someone else has the same symptoms. As well I also have a closet full of creams, that only keep my hands moist, not stop the ich. I had grass allergies that I developed when I went through puberty,(hormone change) and then they went and I developed excema when I was pregnant with my first child, (hormone change) apparently these are in the same family. My excema is very crazy during ovulation, and I hairdress, bad combo. I try also to watch foods and do the odd cleanse to ride the toxins. They ONLY cream that gives me relief ,only once I get the cuts from scratching to much is Bactraban,(now prescription) that with a bandaid heals up the cuts overnight. Hope this helps.

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