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a couple of drops of tea tree oil mixed with olive oil, put in ear with a little cotton wool usually does the trick, pretty quickly. The olive oil I suspect loosens any debris (wax etc) and tea tree is renown for its ant bacterial properties.

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I wouldn't try this as tea tree oil has been found in some cases to cause hearing loss


I think it's okay if the amount of tea tree oil is very small in relation to the rest of the remedy, but I would be careful, it can cause hearing loss, and you should never put pure tea tree oil in your ear. If you must use it, do it in a way that is extremely diluted. I think this remedy should be okay, since there are only a few drops of tea tree oil in a much larger quantity of regular oil. But proceed with caution!


Okay, looking at this again, there is no amount of olive oil given. If you are going to do this, you have to use much more oil per drops of tea tree oil, and probably the amount of drops should go down. On another site there was a solution of a few drops of tea tree oil (tto) wtih 1/4 cup of water, so as you can see that's a rather large disparity. With oil, I don't know if the same ratio is needed, but if you can, I would avoid using tea tree oil, there are many other effective things, unless you are completely sure you know what you're doing.


I tried TTO in my ear and it REALLY upset my stomach. Do not try this it did not work on my ear and gave me a horrible stomach ache.


TTO should NEVER be ingested it is for external use only. Putting it in your ear will cause it to go down your throat. You have four entry ways in your head for any fluid to enter your throat (mouth, nose, eyes, and ears). Please be careful and read all the warning instructions on TTO bottle!!

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