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Heather Schrandt

I have been fighting with head lice on my step-daughter for over 4 years now. Not two mention many diffrent towns we have lived in and two diffrent states. The main problem was the schools that we had her in when we lived in Arkansas they seem to be infested with the things. It has become much more under control since we moved up to our home state of Iowa but it is still a problem. Anyway after trying hundreds of diffrent thing we have found two GREAT ones!!!
The first is a mixture of 1/2 cup rubbing alchol, 1 cup of white vinager and 1 cup mouth wash (listernie or generic) origianl flavor. Just Pour it over their hair then ring out and put it up in a towel til dry. then just was and conditon like normal. You may need to do a little combing but not much.
Second is one from my best friend whos mom used it for years on her kids. It is 1/2 cup of Downy to 1 quart of water. Just pour over hair and let dry. Wash like normal. And it works!!!

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Heather thank you soo much for sharing this I used this remedy it was AMAZING….:) I caught them from my cousins and as soon as I used thus remedy I coud see them falling out as I washed my hair

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