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Im 20 and have had psoriasis for 6 years probably and have tried alot of things. My main problem areas are my elbows and legs. I have got rid of it twice, once in Thailand, taking NOTHING, just sun and sea and relaxing. and i got rid of it with Light Therpy, standing in a light box for a certain amount of time and that combined with dovabet ointment all but got rid of it. Im going to try the flax seeds now, ill let you know!

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i am also, 20! i ahve had psoriasis since i was in the 3rd grade and it hasnt gone away ever! I hate wearing shorts and hate wearing short sleeve shirts in public which of course i do. But, i have it on my elbows and legs also! that is where it has stayed! i ahve tried ointments, over the counter stuff, lotions.. i am currently tanning in a tanning bad for the past few weeks and it doesnt seem to be doing anything for my psoriasis... but i wish there was just a CURE for this shit.. cuz it bugs the hell outta me i hate it when ppl ask what it is!!!! let me know if what youdo helps and let me know what you do if it helps please! thanx

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