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I had acne since I was 11...I tried everything from Proactive to Duac and NeoBenz and even RatinA (really harsh on the skin by the way...makes your lips dry, your skin red and it peels like a bad sunburn) nothing really improved my skin much...over the counter products didn't help either...

Then I Googled home remedies for acne and I decided to try washing my face with Head and Shoulders, apply honey and ground cinnamon (you're really supposed to sleep with this mask and wash off in the morning, but the honey is really sticky and you would rub it off anyways so I just used it for as long as I could before bed in the evening) and I saw improvements literally the next day. It takes away the redness and calms down your acne, your skin will feel a lot smoother too...I had a huge pimple that was deep under the skin, cystic acne on my chin and it went down a lot the next day. By the fifth day it was completely gone....this is really not a joke, it helped me...and I'm using it every night.

I also read that apple cider vinegar is good for acne, and acne scars (I have quite a few because when I was younger I squeezed and popped my pimples all the time believing that will make them go away) ill try to include that in my daily routine too...I will post on how it helped me in a week or two..

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