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The Red Cross emergency toothaid kit realy works well.

I had a old filling come out and didnt get it fixed at the dentist.It got extremely infected over the holiday weekend.So infected I went to the emergency room and got pain killers.

The red cross kit works beter then the bottle of pills the Dr gave me.

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Ok alot of these remedies work. Dont get me wrong and Im not tryin to flame but I dont understand how people can have computers and internet ( not counting a cyber cafe ), cars , video games , etc and leave decayed teeth in their mouth for years!!!

Self preservation should override any fear of a dentist. Just to be fair I HALF of a full adult set of teeth left in my mouth. Everytime I even get a tooth with a 'pulse' in it I go and have the SOB removed. Plan on gettin implants soon once I get the rest of these out.

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