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Dr. V

I have been a doctor now going on my 8th year. A doctor of medicine however - not a dermatologist.

There is no 100% way to clear your skin! There are some simple steps that will.

1. Drink lots of water. Not only does drinking lots of water help regulate toxins out of the body, but promotes good health anyways. Drinking lots of water has an effect on acne because the more efficient your body is running, the better it can fight those infections in your pores!

2. Pick the RIGHT skin care product! If you have oily skin DO NOT USE PRODUCT THAT DRIES YOUR SKIN!!! These products will help remove current pimples, but the body in turn produces MORE oil since your skin is so much drier and results in more clogged pores (acne)!

3. Eat healthy! Sorry folks, but greasy foods are not good - for anything. Not only do they raise our cholesterol levels and make our butts bigger, but they provide the extra oil and grease to clog our pores.

4. Exercise. Exercise keeps the body continuously working, and improving. The better shape your body is in, the less stress it has. Less stress = less acne.

I'm sorry there is no 1 perfect way to remove acne. A lot of medicines, or new acne products may help one individual, but not the next. Not only does the environment play an important role in our skin, but so does personal hygiene and GENETICS. Some people are just born to have zits!


Be careful what 'home remedies' you use, you don't know how your body may react to some of these crazy concoctions talked about.

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Great advice Dr. V!


good advice

Give me a Break

Quite frankly, I don't think being a doctor qualifies anyone for much advice giving. Doctors know what they were taught in medical school. That's about it. They don't spend time reading alternative health journals or digging around in alternative health research to find what new alternatives are out there.

For the most part, they don't even assess a patient's lifestyle. It's just, 'Here's a prescription. Thanks. Please drive through.'

Of course, this particular advice is not geared in that direction but it DOES have a typical myth constantly perpetrated on the American public. 'Fat is bad.' Big news. Fat is not bad. CERTAIN types of fat are bad but you can't just say, 'Don't eat fatty foods.' Olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, etc. are 'fatty foods' with powerful antioxidant properties.

AND not all saturated fats raise cholesterol levels. The major 'evidence' for this that the medical community uses are old studies that made no differentiation between natural saturated fats (such as butter) and TRANS fats (such as Crisco). Of course, most doctors don't know this (or, dare I say, CARE) because 1. They only know what they learned in medical school and 2. They might have to, gasp, admit they don't know everything or that they have been wrong.

The last bit of advice is classic. Be careful about 'home remedies.' Yes, trust the big pharmaceutical companies who are basically trying to kill you in order to get rich but BEWARE of putting anything that you can eat on your skin.

Let's look at the list of side-affects for Acutane versus, say, nutmeg, sandalwood, orange peels, black pepper, milk or egg whites.

This is the typical tripe handed out by medical doctors that has made the (thinking) American public so sick of them. Give me a break.

Give Dr.V a Chance

Doctors are people too.
There is reasoning behind Dr.V's statements and if you took a moment to evaluate them, instead of writing them off as 'It's just the Man out to get us', you'll see Dr.V does care.



doctors have no clue they know what theier taght in med schoole thats it because its proven that greasy foods dont reach your face


im sorry but its proven that eating gresy foods doe s not efect your skin and how much you egt pimples


you can shove your PhD right up your un-educated ass. 'crazy concoctions?' true! exercise and eating right helps and is great fro prevention and is very good for you, of course! but there is proof some of these 'crazy concoctions' do, actually work.


i used toothpaste and woke up in the morning n it was hard numb and over the next few days it was peeling how do i make it go away please help me lol!


Ok, What is the deal with saying 'A Medical Doctor NOT A Dermatologist' ? Dermatologists are MD's...Medical Doctors who specialise in skin disorders. That makes no sense to clarify a Doctor of Medicine.


Okay, are you a doctor or a dermatoligist?
Because my dermatoligist told me using things to dry out the effected area is what will reduce the redness & oils. Why do you think when you buy the acne wash after wards your face feels dryish...

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