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When I learned that I had the Herpes virus II, I began researching natural remedies.( Note: I did not have outbreaks often enough to realize that I had this virus until 20 years later). Red Marine Algae (500 mg) has proven to me to make a difference. 3 to 4 a day keeps the outbreaks away or a least minimizes them. There was an incident when I had eaten a tremendous amount of peanuts (favorite snack) after I had began using Red Marine Algae. A day or two later, I had a very quiet and subdued outbreak. I had no warning symptoms that it was coming on. (tingling, itching, pain, muscle aches, etc.) As soon as the small sore came it was healing the next day. It was months later I learned that peanuts caused outbreaks and I have since stopped eating them. Had I not been taken the Red Marine Algae, this outbreak episode would have lasted me about 10 days.

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Thanks for the info about PEANUTS, it's funny to see this today. I haven't had an outbreak and yesterday I was eating peanut and today I felt the tingle and there it was. NO MORE PEANUTS FOR ME!!! Thanks

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