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If you soak a wash cloth in hot water, then apply it to the boil for at least 5 minutes or until its cool it will bring the boil to a head, then squeeze it or puncture it to let it drain, if the wash cloth dosent make it come to a head right away, try it again! trust me it always works.

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I have suffered from boils for years and a warm wash cloth does NOT work. White bread soaked in milk makes a penicillin place the soaked bread on the area works much better than a warm wash cloth


I have supprative hidradenitis, just the medical term for sweat gland boils, It doesn't matter how much you cleanse the areas.I worked for surgeons for years and the last resort was to excise the strip of sweat glands,usually underarms and groin.Actually research has proved that it's a congenital defect.The doctor may order you soap for staph but it doesn't prevent future abcesses,as long as you perspire and have friction to the areas.


DO NOT squeeze or puncture a boil!!! THAT is an infection (STAPH) waiting to happen. HOT compresses do work, but slowly. There really isn't a quick fix for a boil. Washing in antibacterial soap and keeping those areas from being moist may make their evil visits less, but once you get a boil, you will ALWAYS get another. It leaves an infection in your blood that causes them to recur. A detox will help ALOT, but not a cure.

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