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The person that mentioned ham burger meat was spot on.

It might sound stupid, but if im constipated I go to a well known fast food chain get a burger meal and with in about an hour im on the toilet. It works everytime.

Im not saying the burger makes me feel ill, just it really does relieve constipation for me.

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Might have more to do with all that grease fast food chains use when cooking the food. Really not a healthy way to relieve constipation. Bad on the heart too.


I think it's the lettuce that they put on the hamburger. The lettuce is treated with something. If you get a plain burger there it doesn't work.


definately the fat in the burger rather than the meat. if anything the actual burger will contribute to an already constipated bowel due to the diffuculty the digestive system has in breaking it down. but hey, good excuse to head to maccas !!!


It's called a 'big mac attack'

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