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About using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth; it states clearly on the package that it can be used in the mouth, as long as it is equally diluted with water. Just try not to swallow the mixture. There is nothing unsafe about this method like posts before have continually stressed.

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this really works :) I've been using it for the last 3 years. It has worked tremendoulsy for me! I get lots of compliments!


I just used it on my teeth and I can't tell a different. gumlime is now bright which which should be pink...weird! hope it goes away!


I used to used it. But i didnt add water to it. And it made my teeth very painful. So make sure that you add water.


A little off the whitening subject but it does help with mouth sores. Use like a mouth wash (do not gargal) and spit out. Rinse with water afterward.


It is very bad for you if you don't delute it. This is the same stuff that they use in the store bought stuff.


I have been using hydrogen peroxide and water for about a year now. I only rinse with it in the PM after I brush and floss. It's amazing cause I get complemented on my teeth DAILY!! I smoke, drinks lots of sweet teeth, and soda and my teeth are very White!!


My mm has used this for the past 20 years, but what she does is adds baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together, then brushes like she normally would, only every other day though.

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