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Many things can help with an abcess as you wait to go to the dentist.It IS important to get to the dentist as tooth infections can go into the jawbone and/or facial tissue and even impact/infect other parts of the body.

One, drink organic vinegar in water ( 2 TBS in large-ish glass of water) it is an antibacterial and overall health tonic. We drink it daily.

Make a mouthwash of warm water and organic cider vinegar. Swhish and hold in mouth. Salt water works, too.

I have used a green tea tea bag on the abcessed gum tissue. it does bring the poison forward---you then look like you have a blood blister.I hold the tea bag ont the spot by wedging it in between lup and gums.
Tea tree oil works very well as an antibacterial and so does oregano oil. Both burn, in my experience the oregano oil burns quite a lot but again, it is anti microbial and very good to prevent and/or treat infections.Oregano oil can be taken in water in small amounts. Colloidial silver is also a very effective mouth rinse and can be taken internally and does not taste bad at all. All these things can be obtained at a health food store.

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