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I am a heavy smoker/tea drinker. There are a few effective ways to whiten teeth. Baking soda and peroxide works well. Make a paste, put it on your brush, and brush away. The peroxide stings a little. Do this two times. Brush right after words two times. Do not use this method on a regular basis. You risk taking the enamel off of your teeth because baking soda is an abrasive. Strawberries...I have tried...they work decently, but the sugar in the strawberries ruins your teeth. You must also brush afterwards if try this method! I enjoy seeing white teeth in my mouth. Baking soda/peroxide!!

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u said sugar from strawberries ruins teeth... and smoking DOSEN'T???


Well, actually, smoking does kill your teeth, yes. But baking soda doesn't actually bleach your teeth, and the peroxide can be very dangerous if not properly diluted or if swallowed. People who use this method should be very careful and dilute the peroxide in water first. Also, strawberries work very well, and the sugar won't affect you if you brush afterwards.


I wish you had explained to dilute the peroxide in your original post..I tried it and the peroxide turned parts of my gums white and was a little stingy..but my teeth did look whiter and shinier!

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