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My first Plantar wart appeared three years ago. I never took much notice to it, until I noticed three more (that look identical, but smaller) growing near by it. I was very upset and worried, I even cried. I went to the doctors but didn't like any of the treatments they were providing. So I turned to the net. APPLE CINDER VINEGAR WORKS!! I would soak a cotton ball in the vinegar place it on top of my wart(I used 4 cotton balls, since I had 4 warts to cover). I would also apply some tape over them so the cotton balls would stay in place. I did this when I was going to bed, that way I wouldn't have to worry about walking around. I would removed the cotton balls in the morning, and then reply them again at night. I didn't this for a good two weeks everyday. Every morning I would wake up I could notice the warts getting darker and darker. It soon reached a point where I could pick them off like scabs...NO PAIN..

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I have a plantar wart on my foot that I have been trying to get rid of for a year now. I just started trying this apple cider vinegar remedy. Hope it works!!! How big were your wart(s)?


the First one grew to be the size of 5mm lenght 2mm width...the ones that appeared after were much smaller but still worked for me!! And I hope you have the same success...just do it everyday!!


Apple Cider Vinegar is the best stuff ever!!!!! I went to 6 different doctors and spent over $1,000 on trying to get rid of a stupid plantar wart. In the end....a 69 cent bottle of apple cider viegar did it in 2 weeks. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!


I'm happy it worked for you...the way it worked for me :) success finally!! doesn't it feel great!!


I've been doing this vinegar treatment for a few days now and.... I don't know. I hope its working! It's just so painful to walk :(

That is all.
I hope this works!
(Thank you.)


hey, i just started using this apple cider vinegar, which smells horrible. :) i had a question about it tho. the bottle says that it has been diluted with water to 5% acidity. do i want to use this, or get some with stronger acidity?


I had PW which spreaded from a size of a pea into a 2'x2' area... I was doing duct tape for the longest time, nothing worked. Then I simply started soaking my foot in a WHITE VINEGAR (that is what I had handy)for at least 30 minutes and then tape the area with the duct tape - no cottons soaked in vinegar applied. After only 4 or 5 applications - it's gone!!! I cannot believe it, because I had surgery, I was doing everything under the sun to get rid of it for over 2 years and instead it spreaded! I still have one recent PW in the different spot ( a part of previous spreading..) on the foot, but I am confident that if I do it long enough I can beat it ( it's only a size of a rice grain).


...sorry I meant 2'x2' area not 2'x2'.... :-)


ACV works!!
My daughter had plantar warts for at least a year... we did it all, freezing at home & Dr's office, duct tape, the warts had a vendetta of their own until vinegar treatment. I used both white & ACV. One wart is gone, the other two are blackening and about dead finally!!
Put some acv on a small amt of cotton, put a bandaid over it and watch the wart die....YESSSS!!!!!!!!


I tried the apple cider vinegar too on 7 plantars warts on my foot. I too had tried everything else. The ACV worked in two weeks with no pain. The worst part of the whole experience was the smell of the vinegar but it was SO WORTH IT!

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