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I am currently treating my sinus infection WITHOUT antibiotics for the very first time, and am pleasantly surprised at how effective and fast the treatment has been. Here's what I've been using: oil of oregano (place drops under tongue for a few seconds, then drink a cup of water -2x/day); grapefruit seed extract (dissolve a few drops in a cup of water - 2x/day); apple cider vinegar (2 Tbs in 8oz of water - 2x/day, plus 1/4 cup in 16oz water in the middle of the day).

I have also used an OTC nasal spray to supplement this. When I started my treatment, I had lots of sinus pain and pressure, congestion and the beginning of a toothache caused by my inflamed sinuses. It's been four days and my symptoms have almost disappeared! Not only did I avoid antibiotics, which are over-prescribed and can harm the body, I also saved $$ by avoiding a doctor visit and prescription costs!

I purchased the oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract and organic apple cider vinegar at a local health food/nutrional store.

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