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I have stuggled for over 20 years with sweating excessively. I'm a female and this has always been a major source of embarassment for me and infact prevented me from participating in many physcial activities such as hiking, working out, ect because of embarassment. I'm not talking a little sweat, sweat is normal..I'm talking fully sweating so that clothes and hair are damp even after minor exercise. I'm also not overweight so that's not part of the problem. After 20 year of struggleing with this..I have found a miracle cure!'s so simple I can't belive it!! Thank you God!! I just started drinking Green Tea...and a lot, All day, every day for the past week. I have been going to the gym and I CAN'T BELIVE IT! I used to start sweating REALLY bad after 5-10 minutes. I was on the tread mill for 45 minutes and DIDN'T EVEN BREAK A SWEAT!! I hope this is helpful to someone else who might be struggling with this also. Post your comments after you try it.

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I completely know how you feel. I put on deodorant that has 25% aluminum content and start sweating before noon. I used to drink green tea before that and I don't remember having this problem then (slow mind, didn't make the connection ;). Thank you for your comment, I will definitely be trying green tea again!


are you drinking hot tea or the cold green tea you can get in bottles from the store?


I sweat really bad and I usu only wear dark shirts bc sweat doesn't show as bad. I will definitely try this.

fatima jawwad

Hi dear thanku 4 sharing ur experience I m a female n during pregnancy I faced this problem since that time I ve been facing it so badly 4 last 2 yrs. I cann't wear any make up mouse or anything it becomes dirty just in 2 mins due to excessive sweating Its really hard to work in kitchen cz my whole body n face like I had shower. Can u tel me which brand green tea u r using? Or is dat okay if I use any green tea. Thankx

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