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If you want smooth, soft lips, try this. Take a fresh lemon and cut it in half, then rub the lemon in sugar. Apply the lemon with the suger on it to your lips in a circular motion. After this rinse your lips, with ice cold water. The results are amazing. Apply chapstick or lip balm to keep lips feeling soft.

(Warning:This remedy really works if you have severely chapped and peeling lips, but PLEASE be warned the lemon WILL BURN but if you can put up with the burn for about 3 minutes, you will reap the benefits.)

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wow i'm 12 but it still keeps my lips so soft and moist.Normally stuff on the internet does not work but this does


Im like 12 and i tried this it really really really works its really pink after also and looks great with some chapstick on after


hi every1 im like 12 yr old and i tried this and my chap lips went away instantly i love this website


will try tonight. hope and pray it works


this website is seriously awesome i live by it...anytime i need help i come i used this and it was AMAZING i am a 12 yr old =]


what's up with all the 12 year olds with lip issues. talk to me when you're 30.... i wanna know if it has the same pinky results with a 30 year old...

B-ball gurrl

& im gunna try this tonight. it better worrkk :)


hi...i used this...this is too changed my lips's colour


is this to be done everyday?

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