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When i get a stomach ache, it usually doesnt go away for a few weeks. Tums works well when you just need relief for work or school. Usually when I get home, I lay on the couch and drink ginger ale or sprite. That helps too. Sometimes if I'm stressed out, I get a stomachache. Just relaxing and listening to a little classical music helps with that. You don't even have to like classical music to be relaxed by it. I usually listen to rock music, but that makes it worse. Mint helps too.

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Diego (thank you)

wow. i just got the 2 liter of sprite and poured some in a cup and literally seconds later the pain started to desipate. thank you for posting this.


hey im the girl who posted the sprite and lime sherbert topic.
yes sprite does work and i love mint it helps to when im at school!


dude, you better get that checked out! if you get a stomach ache when you are stressed then that sounds like an ulcer or something...
take care

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