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put toothpaste on the blackhead and leave it overnight then wash it off in the morning

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this totally does not work i've tries it for like 2 weeks and no improvement. well maybe because it rubs off when i sleep or something,idk


i tried that before and i put a band-aid over the toothpaste, the acne went away but what was left was a big red scar that looked like someone punched me in the face, i would not recommend trying this


no dont use toothpaste that only leaves purple or red scares


Wrd up


dis shyt sucks ASS!! do not try unless u want red marks on ur face :(


who ever came up with this idea is a total idiot.


Actually, this worked for me the last time I used this. It burns at first but because it helps. I recommend this and if your skins red after words idk, it wasn't for me, when I used it for about a week straight some of my skin cleared up.


No no no! Toothpaste won't have any affect on a small blackhead. You only use toothpaste when you have a giant unpoppable zit and want it to be presentable my the morning. Put a little bit of toothpaste on the zit before bed, and in the morning gently scrub it off. Sometimes the zit is much flatter and easier to cover up, but also it can go the other way and get worse and look like a small wound. Either way it leaves a faint reddish scar. So this is only if you are desperate and for short term.


i tryed this and it dosent work. But i do no to bring down reddness put an ice cube on it!!!:]

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