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I have a remedy that has really worked for me. I have been outbreak free for about 4 years now. When I got my first outbreak I was deathly ill. Just thougth I had the flu till I got the tell tell sign and saw my doc. I started researching differant remedeis and so called cures. One popped out and made sense. I found a website on Hidrogine peroxide treatments. I use a3-5% solution from the drug store and use it as a douche when I feel an outbreak coming on, or when I feel the tingling. I have been doing this for 4 years now and no outbreak. Last possible outbreak/tingling was almost 1 1/2 years ago. The peroxide will kill any harmfull bacteria or virus present. It will not harm any of the helpful bacteria that is needed in the vagina. Works great for me.

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I had the same thing happen to me because of a rape! I have told several guys up front,(even if they were just a good honest prospect...long before things ever got serious) AND honestly, I've never had anyone deterred because of it. I think it is just best to be honest and open. If you are scared to tell him, then TELL him your scared! He should at least respect you honesty and willingness to open up. Your willingness to be open is a huge foundation of making it as a married couple...and your honesty will demonstrate your worth as a future mate.
You should ALSO explain your hesitation to tell him earlier, because he will be curious and even upset that you held out so long to tell him. I don't know if you guys decided to wait to have sex after you got married or not...if you did and he truly wants to be with YOU, your condition should not be a problem at all. However, deceiving him and not discussing it will be the ultimate issue, so the sooner you tell him, the better.
I know it is exceptionally hard to tell someone about your infliction, but ultimately, if you want to have a lasting relationship, being honest is were everything else starts. Marriage is based on taking someone as a whole being, flaws and all, and not living in a fairy tale of illusion. You should want someone that knows all your faults, idiosyncrasies, and even afflictions, but loves you regardless, should you not?
If that isn't good enough, ask yourself if you REALLY want to be responsible for burdening someone else with this illness without their knowing. I think opening up about it is FAR easier than having to worry about the burden of inflicting someone else who has not been made aware of your condition. It's hard, but taking on the responsibility to disclose the fact that you have this illness is much easier(at least in my mind), than the responsibility of carelessly passing it on.
BTW, sorry...I did not mean to make a novel or preach...just my thoughts (bad experiences make a philosopher out of us all, don't they?! j/k). Remember, just be genuine and everything should fall in place. Good luck to you and hope all goes well;)


I tried the peroxide douche and man THAT SHIT BURNED LIKE A SOB.....I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!!! Im not sure if I did it right but I bought I normal douche and poured it out and put the peroxide in there and did it. I had to sit in the bath to make it stp hurting, my kittycat was on fire :(
I take eptison salt baths and pour the salt right on to the spot to dry it up! WARNING THIS WILL HURT BAD BAD BAD!!!!
I just ordered the Dynamiclear combo kit has anyone use this before? Will let you know how it works when I get it!
Laurie Starr


I have had this for about 15 years and I have been a faithful user of Lemon balm. I put it on a Qtip and dab the sores multiple times a day. At night I take a warm bath dry off with a blow dryer apply another round and put on cotton undies. I wake up feeling so much better! Note: Just make sure this ONLY touches the lesions, don't use the squeezy thing use a Qtip!


I was date raped several weeks ago. I went to the Dr. and have been given an STD test - results not in yet. Devistated! Now I am breaking out with what I think is genital herpes. I am willing to try anything. It is the worse pain I have ever felt! I'm interested in natural remedies. You mention peroxide, do you dilute it with water before douching?


I haven't been diagnosed with the herpes yet, but i have all the signs and symptoms..its hurting like crazy. the doctor told me to go ahead and take valtrex for it, but my boyfriend doesn't have any signs or symptoms.. he told me that if he doesn't have it and I do that he will go ahead and take the risk of getting it anyway because he just want to be with me. Im so scared.. and i don't want him to mess his life up. The only thing that i haven't had any sexual contact with anyone else. How did i get it?? Im so confused P.S. peroxide? im scared it may burn it already hurts when i take a bath...


Your first outbreak is supposed to appear with in 48- 72 hours and if you haven't been with anyone but him chances are that's where u came in contact with it.


For this last comment I have to say that this is completely UNTRUE. You can have herpes for 10 years and not even know it because you haven't had an outbreak OR the outbreak was so unnoticeable you did not feel it. As far as this post though I think douching is a big NO NO. Douching does nothing but strip your vagina of all the good bacteria protecting you. The vagina naturally cleanses itself and there is no need to go up there to clean anything! Just keep it clean on the OUTSIDE, dry, and well ventilated to promote fast healing. Also wear only 100% cotton panties, no tight jeans, and try to decrease your stress levels by exercising, meditating, or just relaxing from time to time; All of this will help prevent and help outbreaks.


I tried the peroxide and it was an instant relief................. i put the peroxide and water in a spray bottle and sprayed on the infected area it worked well


Tonight I used the peroxide myself...I used half water half 3%peroxide...I rubbed on the outside of my vagina and also around my anal area..When I douched it, it really burned..After that the burning took awhile to go away..I wasn't sure if I used to much peroxide..I was so worried I started giving myself anxiety...Is this at all harmful????Please contact me..I am 24 years old I got HERPES in July of 2009...I have had some issues and I don'y have anyone close to me that can give me advise...Please contact me @

Thank you so much...anyone else that may need some to talk to may also email...Good luck to everyone :)


i use a hair dryer to dry the area off when i get out of the bath with epsom salt or shower.. it reduces the contact with the towel which can rub the area the worng way.. keeping yourself dry is very important in the healing process..
your body does produce antibodies that fight off the attack.. that is why you can not see an outbreak happen for years.. so it is hard to tell from whom you caught it.
i think with the suppressive therapy is one step closer. i think the trouble with getting rid of the virus completely is it attaches itself to your nervous system.. that is pretty intact if you know what i mean and could cause your whole system to shut down if we were to pinpoint and attack it!
what we really need to do is find a way to get more antibodies built while the outbreak is supressed for many years enough to make it inactive.. or at least new layer of skin to form..

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