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I have a remedy that has really worked for me. I have been outbreak free for about 4 years now. When I got my first outbreak I was deathly ill. Just thougth I had the flu till I got the tell tell sign and saw my doc. I started researching differant remedeis and so called cures. One popped out and made sense. I found a website on Hidrogine peroxide treatments. I use a3-5% solution from the drug store and use it as a douche when I feel an outbreak coming on, or when I feel the tingling. I have been doing this for 4 years now and no outbreak. Last possible outbreak/tingling was almost 1 1/2 years ago. The peroxide will kill any harmfull bacteria or virus present. It will not harm any of the helpful bacteria that is needed in the vagina. Works great for me.

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I read somewhere about Hydrogen Peroxide helping so I've been using it on the external areas. I carry the gel in my purses BUT I didn't think about douching with it. Thanks!


im afraid to use that, i dont handle pain well so this have been very diffucult for me. does it hurt???

please someone e mail me and let me know.


I USE STRAIGHT ALCOHOL to kill it .This will help dry it out so it can heal .I use the 99 % it kills the virus and doesn't have a chance then it gives up and lets the healing begin .It doesn't like the alcohol.I have a question .If this virus hides and then sends out it's troops for an outbreak .Then why can't we somehow go where it is hiding with a needle and kill the main source .The doctors are always sticking needles and injecting things in the human body why not do the same .It seems as I always read it's always hiding in the same spot well then lets go get like anything else .Lets try zapping the virus that way .Nobody has never brought that up any thoughts on why we haven't did it


I'm sure they have thought about it Rex and quickly put it out of they're minds. Everyday they come out with some new disease that supposedly has 'no cure'. But think about it-- they come up with this drug that suppresses the outbreaks but can't eliminate it. Yeah right! It's a billion dollar business and right now they're winning.

But there is a way to eliminate herpes for good. It's a lifestyle change! A change of being more aware of what we put in our bodies. Processed foods and synthetic drugs. PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!


Hi. what do you do with the solution? Do you put it on the sore, drink it?? What?



do you put the alcohol on the sores or what?? doesnt that burn??


no peroxide does not burn at cools, bubbles up a bit - no burning. :-)


ok i want to know if you havent had any out breaks for 1 1/2 year were you able to have sex without passing it on. someone email me @ i just stated looking up things to help or cures cause ive lived with this almost all my life and just thought there wasnt anything to do about it.



i was raped when i was 15 years old i had this bull every since it feels like my whole childhood was ruined now im 26 and engaged to a man who we share mutual love i dont want to hurt him because of this im scared to tell him what should i do?


U had no control of being rape and you sure had no control of your rapist having herpes. It is a risk to tell anyone about your condition because as long as one doesn't know they treat you's when you tell that you learn the truth about the ones you love. If you are willing to risk losing your future husband be it now by telling him before you marry or telling him after you marry him, which would be the greatest risk for you the fact that you lied after you married or the fact that you were honest before you married. This is a hard decision to make and I would say do what you believe you can live with.

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